Signs You Need Heating Repair

When you’re able to keep an eye out for certain things, you can schedule timely repair in order to prevent the system from shutting down completely. Look for these signs and contact the team at All Air for HVAC service you can trust.

  • Strange Noises: Heating systems all have various moving parts and electrical components, so if you start hearing strange noises, there’s a good chance that something will break sooner or later. Listen for a buzzing noise, which would indicate something wrong with the electrical parts, or worse yet, the motor. A screeching sound is a sign of an issue with a belt. A banging or popping sound could be an issue with the heat exchanger.
  • Sporadic Cycling: If the heating system is frequently turning on and off, this is known as “short-cycling.” This can be caused by several things, the pilot light going out, for example. This can cause your heating bills to go up because the system is using energy, but not heating the home.
  • Pilot Light: If you are experiencing efficiency issues, take a look at the pilot light. If it’s yellow, it could be an issue with the gas level, or a substance that has built up on the light, such as rust. The pilot light should always be bright blue.
  • No Heat: One of the biggest signs that you’ll soon need a repair is when the system fails to properly heat your home. It may be an issue with the thermostat, but is more likely a sign that the whole system is failing.

Whatever your specific situation is, the team at All Air Heating & Cooling wants to help ensure that you and your family have a warm house throughout the cold Fredericksburg winter. If you’re noticing signs that your furnace isn’t working properly, get in touch with us today for reliable heating repair and more.