1. What to do When Your AC Unit Breaks

    It always seems like on the hottest day of the year that your air conditioner decides to quit and shut down, leaving you and your family to struggle through the heat. Even on days when the weather isn’t extremely hot, we’re sure everyone would appreciate the ability to control the temperature in their home. Without this control, you may have a hard time sleeping, irritability rises, and there …Read More

  2. Choosing The Right Size AC Unit For Your Home

    The technicians at All Air Heating & Cooling understand that no one enjoys having to shop for a new AC unit, but if the air conditioning isn’t working in the heat of summer, it must be done. So if you had a hard time making the decision to purchase a new AC unit, it might be even harder trying to find a system that is right for your family and home. It may seem like a simple process, but the…Read More

  3. The History of Air Conditioning Services

    Spring is right around the corner, meaning it’s almost that time of year where we’ll turn on our home’s air conditioner for the first time in 2018. A lot of us take our air conditioners for granted, not really thinking about who was responsible for the frosty goodness we feel in our buildings during the warmer months. All Air Heating & Cooling Services, LLC., in Fredericksburg, Va., is p…Read More

  4. Setting Your Thermostat in the Summer

    Regardless of the actual temperature, there’s something extra hot about the month of August. After two months of harsh temperatures and brutal sunburns, the last month of summer can leave you feeling hotter and more frustrated than ever before. This leads a lot of people reach farther for comfort and crank the temperatures on their thermostats waaaaaay down. There’s no need for that. In this b…Read More

  5. Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Conditioner

    Buying an air conditioner is an investment. Because they last upwards of a decade, it can be hard to determine (or remember) which is the best choice for your home since the last time you bought one. Whether you are a first-time buyer or an air conditioning veteran, these are some things to keep in mind before purchasing your unit. Our air conditioning service experts in Fredericksburg will work w…Read More

  6. Myth or Fact: Does Adjusting Your Thermostat Save You Money?

    You’ve always heard that you should adjust your thermostat when you leave the house and you’ve tried, but it always feels like a hassle. You try to remember to turn it down everyday when you leave for work and turn it back up when you get home, and then back down when you go to bed. But you find yourself forgetting and never feel the right temperature. Is it really worth all the trouble? The a…Read More

  7. 3 Ways Air Conditioning Can Improve Your Life

    Air conditioning isn’t just about climate control and comfort. Though those are excellent reasons to have an air conditioner installation completed, there are many benefits that go beyond comfort and truly improve the lives of your loved ones. Take a look at these three ways that air conditioning installation can improve lives for those who choose to take the leap. Reduced Allergens Whenever we …Read More

  8. 3 Common Problems with Your AC That Need a Professional

    We all wish that our appliances would last forever and repair for themselves. Regrettably, that’s not the case. Just like anything else in your home, your appliances, including your air conditioning unit, need love and care. When your air conditioner needs repair, it has a way of telling you. Here are three common problems that you can experience with your air conditioning unit that needs care f…Read More

  9. 3 Reasons to Have an Annual AC Tune-Up

    Every spring homeowners dread their lengthy to-do list. A lot of things must be one in order to get their home up to snuff and keep it in working order.  Having air conditioning maintenance done annually is one of those things on the to-do list that should not be skipped.  For a very affordable price, an air conditioning maintenance technician can come out to your home and make sure your air con…Read More

  10. 3 Things To Do If Your Air Conditioner Suddenly Stops Working

    It's one of those Virginia days that felt hot before the sun had even risen to its highest point in the sky. Stepping outside brings on instant sweat, and you’ve spent the whole running from your air conditioned car to the air conditioned office and back again. All day long you’ve been dreaming about getting back to your house and cranking the air conditioning, but as soon as you walk through …Read More